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David K. Trager, M.D.

Dr. Trager is an exceptional pediatrician who joined RAMBLC in 2003. He graduated from Stanford University and Stanford Medical School, and served as Chief Resident in Pediatrics at Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Trager is dedicated to providing the best possible care to his patients. He and his wife are proud parents of two.

About Dr. Trager

Dr. Trager is a highly skilled pediatrician who became a part of RAMBLC's team in the 2003. He completed his medical education at Stanford University and Stanford Medical School. Additionally, he served as Chief Resident in Pediatrics at Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford, which further honed his expertise. 

When he's not busy with his work as a pediatrician, Dr. Trager likes to spend his free time experimenting with new baking recipes in the kitchen. He finds joy in trying out different ingredients and techniques to create delicious treats. Additionally, he is an enthusiastic skier and an avid runner, and he enjoys the physical and mental benefits that come with these activities. Finally, he finds working in the garden to be a relaxing and rewarding pastime, and he takes pride in cultivating delicious fruits and vegetables. He also has a Swiss Mountain dog, a Bichon Frise and a Ball Python.

Dr. Trager's experience as a father of two children has given him a unique perspective on patient care. He encourages parents to develop and discover their own parenting style and is available to answer questions about your child's health. 

Contact Dr. Trager's Team

To schedule an appointment, please call the office at 408-371-7777

For Non-Urgent Matters, you can email his staff at:

For Billing Questions, you can email his biller at:

If you need a form filled out, you can contact his staff at:

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